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Our Commitments

Raam-Kohlsun Intl' Steel LLC

We do our best to ensure that the specs for all steel coils, surface coatings, edge trimmings and every requirement of each customer is treated with respect and customers’ orders – whether large or small – are handled in a professionally and respectful manner. Whenever the need arises for cold rolled steel coils or corrugated steel roofing panels, we hope our customers will consider *RAAM-KOHLSUN INTL’ STEEL LLC.*

Mission & Vision

Raam-Kohlsun INTL’ STEEL LLC was established to import and distribute special gauges and sizes of cold rolled steel coils for the HVAC and Roofing Industries. The Steel coils are offered in standard and custom widths, special packagings and in a variety of surface coatings. These variables are determined by the customers. The market forecasts a 14% increase, year-over-year in the demand for cold rolled steel coils for the housing and commercial building industries and a 9% increase in demand for corrugated sheets. We use our financial, statistical and managerial resources to import products of excellent quality, tested to international specifications. Steel Coils are offered at very competitive wholesale prices and we do our best to establish personalised business relationships with all our buyers.

Our Products

Cold Rolled steel is offered in rolls of weights not exceeding 5.00 + – Tons. Galvanized steel is offered in a matt, high gloss surface finish with and without spangles, edge trims to meet buyers’ custom finishes and industry standard of thicknesses. Rust preventive VCI paper wrappings are used around the coils used while packing. Corrugated sheets are offered in galvanized and in a variety of pre-painted basic natural colors. Special colors can be made based on colors in Pantone shade cards. A MOQs per color will apply. Steel coils are offered for use in the HVAC industry, Metal cabinets, Electrical power control boxes, Home appliances, solar panel frames and others. 

About Us

his family-owned Co. is headed by Avi Kohli. He graduated with a master’s in International Trade and visited several African and European countries to conduct trade promotion surveys in Africa and Europe on behalf of the United Nations Development Program and for the Govt of India.. His focus was on business, international logistics limitations and procedures to implement cost effective imports for small and large companies. 
Avi established a sophisticated manufacturing facility to make surgical disposable scalpels that were stamped out of high precision carbon steel. Avi brings to this industry his management experience of 30 years and a solid understanding of a manufacturing environment. He has a matured understanding on how to establish, respect and maintain business relationships with employees, customers and manufacturers around the world. 
We have import agents located at all major sea ports in the US and can deliver coils in the manner desired, anywhere within the US. Avi is supported by experienced office staff and IT persons, who have been with our associated companies for over 16 years. Our sales reps have established relationships with some of the largest buyers within each category. We are proud of our team and associates. No order is too small and for larger orders, we have dedicated and experienced persons to manage every detail of each item ordered. We hope you will consider us when the need arises. We assure you of our best services at all times.

Why Choose Us

We provide unmatched service and supply chain solutions to large OEM’s and fabricators on a regional and national basis.

Our Quality

Material composition of steel and product specs are tested through all the stages of manufacture. The thickness of steel, surface roughness, thickness of galvanising, specs of edges through the length of the coil, acceptability of quality and size of surface spangle and many other tests are conducted using testing equipment that conforms to international standards. Packaging and product labelling are examined to ensure that labels have the correct bar codes, product specs, buyers' destinations etc are clearly stated on each label so that a perfect product leaves the facility. Test Reports are sent to customers before coils leave the factory.

Our Prices

We run a tight ship and our fixed operating and variable costs of import and handling coils and sheets are under constant self-scrutiny. Our low cost of operation allows us to offer our customers the lowest prices in the marketplace and this in turn allows for higher profitability on each transaction. Exact prices are quoted once all tech details, specs and quantities are conveyed to us.

Personalized Service

Once a customer approves the quality of our products and is ready to conduct business, a sales representative is appointed to work with the buyer and every detail the PO is scrutinised to ensure seamless execution of the PO and timely delivery. Business is conducted on mutual trust and rock solid relationships are built when all parties deliver on promises we all make.

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